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Building on the success of Aug-it! AR design studio we are establishing our reputation solely in designing and developing products that have a social/interpersonal function in the mixed reality space.

We are predicting and shaping the Spatial Social future.

Our strategy work can help you plan your immersive journey – creating amazing destinations – to massively extend your reach.

With over 1 billion digital impressions created from our campaigns in the last 12 months we’ve seen how a Spatial Social Strategy can streamline a brand or organisations through its use of AR/VR/XR over months and years, rather than just days and weeks.

Ant Hagan CEO

Ant Hagan CEO & AR designer owns and runs Spatial Social & Aug-it! from its base in Liverpool, working with clients throughout the UK and beyond.

As an AR designer Ant is proficient in Maxon Cinema 4-D, Spark AR, Unity, Lens Studio, Adobe Creative Suite.

Spatial Social can take your business or brand from an immersive idea through to its realisation in a product activation, marketing campaign or event – and on to data analytics and client feedback.

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