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They plan it, we build it!

Spatial Consultants & Strategists

We plan it, they build it!

Official Facebook Spark AR Partner

Spatial Social – We plan it, they build it!

We plan it, they build it!

We are pioneering and developing the concept of Spatial Social with some of the most forward-thinking organisations and brands.

Defines the design and use of interactive immersive (AR/VR/XR) experiences

…in learning, marketing, gaming, hospitality, entertainments etc

…currently powered by social media and immersive gaming applications including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Oculus Horizons/Venues

Spatial Social Consultancy

Understanding the landscape of XR and how it can enhance your business, now and in the future.

Being prepared for huge advances on the horizon as Web AR, AR gaming and AR applications for smart glasses evolve.

Knowing how to commission reliably high quality, customer-appropriate XR content.

Developing a flexible, future-proofed Spatial Social strategy around which traditional digital approaches can be rebuilt.

Using digital analytics intelligently to evaluate your outcomes.

Training up sales and other teams who need to be knowledgeable about how XR can be utilised, and how to cost in the spend required for impactful XR campaigns.

Social media AR effects for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook

Mixed reality gaming on social media & online immersive platforms/apps

In-house 3D avatar and spatial asset design

Virtual experience on Oculus Quest including live events on Oculus Venues

Consultancy on understanding and harnessing the power of immersive experiences

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